Swan Lake

Every summer for the last 3/4 years we have had a resident pair of trumpeter swans. Yesterday there we SIX swans on the lake! They were grouped up in 3s and once they began their song of trumpets, it was like a scene from West Side Story.

The swans battled back and forth for about 45 minutes before going their separate ways. Lucky for me Max was napping and I could snap a few photos; hopefully he will nap again soon so I can post more than 1 photo 🙂


The Mountains Are Calling: The Road Trip Pit Stops

2017 Fall Vacation | Badlands National Park & Devil’s Tower National Monument

When you travel with a 7-month old you make as many stops as possible traveling from northern Wisconsin to Yellowstone National Park. Our travels had us visiting at Badlands National Park and Devil’s Tower National Monument–no better pit stops!

Time to Cull

With the winter months bringing the off-season for the business it gives me much needed tome to cull and edit my photos from our trip out West this past September.

Below is one of my favorites. The Yellowstone River. There is nothing like it. I can stare at this photo and just feel the river’s personality. This makes me miss the river.


The First

I hoping this year will actually be the year I begin and sustain a blog. Cheers to hopes!

Below, your typical northern Wisconsin winter theme. You have to love the silence and beauty that winter brings, except most days you don’t because it’s too damn cold and dark to truly appreciate it. I suppose that is something I could work on in 2018–just appreciating all that surrounds me–all the good and the not so good.