New Studio | The Beginning

I bought a new studio. I SWORE I would never do that again, but I really missed having a gallery and studio. The new space is NOTHING like the old one, but that’s exciting! We do have a big to-do list as remodel begins which includes vaulting the ceiling!

Stay tuned! Below are all the “Before” photos we took the day after we bought the property.

Max & the Moose | Uber Mini Session

Max and his moose. This was an uber mini session. What is an uber mini session? It’s a session where you shoot for no more than 15 minutes yet you still get ADORABLE images but without all the hassle of clothing changes and culling through hundreds on images.

I am a fan of uber mini sessions 🙂

Max | 10 Months Old | Uber Mini Session | Basement In-Studio Session

The Mountains Are Calling: The Road Trip Pit Stops

2017 Fall Vacation | Badlands National Park & Devil’s Tower National Monument

When you travel with a 7-month old you make as many stops as possible traveling from northern Wisconsin to Yellowstone National Park. Our travels had us visiting at Badlands National Park and Devil’s Tower National Monument–no better pit stops!

From Our Family to Yours

Our Christmas card photos 🙂 We donned our Stormy Kromer attire, I set-up the tripod, programmed the remote timer to snap a picture every 4 seconds, and BAM! Photos done in less than 5 minutes–my kind of photo session.

Cheers to 2018 from our little family to yours.

A True Snapshot

It has only taken nearly months, but I am finally able to find a few spare minutes to begin culling through what will likely be thousands of images of Max since his birth last February. It’s time to get photos printed and into a photo album!

Like almost everyone, my favorite images are those every day, lifestyle snapshots. You know, the ones that truly showcase your little’s personality. Below, Max expresses how much he loves lunch time (and breakfast, snack time, and dinner time)!

There is so much I adore about this photo: Max’s nose wrinkles, his smile showing off his 7 baby teeth, his dark eye lashes, and his pure joy that it’s meal time. It truly captures his personality.

On a technical side note, this photo was taken with the Sigma 35mm Art Lens series and I LOVE IT! I was not sure about purchasing a non-Canon lens, but the Sigma is becoming a staple in my gear.